About Us
Did you ever wonder what happened to the water that left your house?
WE CLEAN IT!! That's right, once the water goes down a drain, shower, or commode in your home or office it flows through a bunch of pipes and ends up at a wastewater treatment plant.  Our treatment plants use all natural processes(no chemicals) to clean the water, just like mother nature does. Once the water is cleaned it is returned to a stream.

Would you like to see how this works?   We would love to show off, uh, we mean show you. Please give us a call and we'll set up a time to give you a tour. Please don't dress up and wear comfortable walking shoes (no heels) - trust us on this one.

Timber Creek Sewer Company (TCSC) is a Missouri Corporation providing wastewater reclamation to areas primarily in Platte and Clay County, Missouri.  TCSC provides wastewater collection and treatment for residential and commerical customers as well as parts of Platte City.

TCSC was founded in 1988 and currently owns and operates several wastewater treatment facilities, lift stations, and over 35 miles of collection system lines.  As one of the fastest growing investor owned utility companies in the State of Missouri, TCSC works with developers, municipalities, and property owners to provide cost effective, high quality environmental solutions for wastewater services.

TCSC is regulated by the Missouri Public Service Commission, Missouri Department of Natural Resources, and EPA.