Frequently Asked Questions
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What does Timber Creek Sewer Company do?
We provide sanitary sewer service (wastewater treatment) for areas in Platte and Clay County, Missouri. We can also provide service outside these areas, please contact us to discuss potential service options.

Why is my water and sewer bill separate?
Drinking water (potable water) is provided by a separate entity, typically a Public Water Suppy District or City. These entities are responsible for billing for their services. We provide wastewater services (non-potable water) and are responsible for billing for these services.

When is my bill due?
Bills are due upon receipt. Your sewer bill is mailed on the 28th of each month and is late after 21 days. After 21 days, a 10% late charge is added to the balance due.

What if I didn't receive a bill?
Please give us a call and we'll make sure to get you the current balance. Sometimes the bills may get inserted into magazines, papers or other loose mail and may get mis-placed. Also, please contact the Post Office to inform them that you did not receive your monthly bill to help the Post Office troubleshoot any delivery problems. If for some reason you did not receive a bill you still have to pay for the services.

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